Cannabinoids Explained like ABC123

On the molecular level, all of the classes of cannabinoids are derived from CBG or Cannabigerol, cannabinoid. These are changed from the original acids by decarboxylation via heat and light or an alkaline condition. This allows them to fully work with the endocannabinoid systems.

The THC is in the plant, the CBD is the precursor, and the CBN is the metabolite of the THC. The THC is the component that offers the most psychoactive effect and it’s also the most effective on the symptoms like pain and bronchospasm.

CBD – Cannabidiol

Hemp CBD Oil is an ideal source of essential vitamins and minerals including fatty acids like Omega 3s. It also offers flavonoids and chlorophyll as well as terpenes. This is the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp oil. It makes up to 90 percent of the content of hemp. It’s non-psychoactive and the focus is on how it benefits the body via the hemp oil. It has minimal affinity for CB1 or CB2 receptors. The main focus on interaction is in the endocannabinoid system and it acts as an indirect antagonist toward the cannabinoid antagonists.

Additionally, the CBD has been found to work as an anticonvulsant which shows promise in treating such conditions as MS, epilepsy, muscle spasms and more. This was recently published in research. It is believed to help reduce the neurotoxins in the brain which follow brain damage when a stroke or head trauma has happened.

CBN – Cannabinol

Cannabinol, which is better known as CBN, rarely results from the decarboxylation of its acid form (CBNA). Most of the CBN found in cannabis is due to the degradation of THC, wherein the THC has oxidized to CBN. CBN is either non-psychoactive or very mildly psychoactive.

CBN does, however, help lower anxiety and it can even lower the pressure behind the eyes, so it can be used in the treatment of Glaucoma without the psychoactive effects of THC, also fights free radicals in the bloodstream. The effects of CBN are said to be sedative-like. Users can also get relief from muscle spasms with CBN.


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